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Unlike other marketing companies, we are not providing services to giant corporations, rather we want to marketize small businesses like yours.

AD Dream Media was developed with a belief that small can also be mighty effective. We believe that small, yet persistent steps always lead to victory. Our marketing magic is no mystery, in fact, we are proud of being human faced and data-driven agency. Whatever we have achieved is because we perceive ourselves as an extension of your team.

Knowing your business and knowing your audience is what matters the most. It's how you produce incredible results.

We are not just a marketing agency, but an ally, whose only obsession is your success.


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AD Dream Media believes in honesty and transparency. We value our customers and keep them in the loop in every aspect whatsoever. You will know exactly what we are spending your time on and where’s your money going!

Reasonable Budget

Marketing agencies’ budget tend to make a lot of influence on small businesses. That’s why, we value your money. Whatever your resources are, we always try to make full and appropriate use of it, making your money work hard for you.


We always prioritize your business and its growth. Hence, we do not believe in resting our laurels. A dedicated account manager will be picked from our experts as per your requirements. They will strategize and fuel your campaigns on daily basis.


Digital marketing agencies are obsessed with trends. However, trends are important only if they are relevant. We at AD Dream Media are obsessed with your success. Because we know that we are invested and more importantly, we are your partners.

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The Services We Provide

AD Dream Media; Unlike Any Other

We are well aware that small businesses come in several shapes and volumes started up from people coming from a variety of backgrounds. Although we are a marketing company, we are also a group of empathetic and proactive individuals with unique passions but one purpose, your betterment. We are always looking to leave a positive impact on your business by being the driving force for it.

Whenever we find ourselves deficient, we regroup as a team by resorting to the data, stats, trends, and the thought of doing the best for our customers because we feel that’s the way to go.

Facebook Advertising

Do you know what goes hand in hand with success? Making your product/service reach the right people at the right time. Allow us to do that for you. We employ our expertise to manage the whole process and ensure your success.

Google Advertising

Our experts can utilize all the advertising tools perfectly well to make your product/service reach the right audience and capture the potential customers. Because we value the trust you have put on us.

Instagram Advertising

We are passionate, creative, and innovative. Therefore, we know how to make you benefit from beautifully designed captivating advertisements that grab the attention of potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization

We employ our expertise to ensure that your website ranks highly and reaches to the chunk of users that never go past the first page while searching.

Email Marketing

Although email is an underestimated and under-utilized tool of marketing yet, it can create unique opportunities for you to enhance the reach of your product/service.

Social Media Management

Advertising your brand’s commitment and success on social media is a very essential part of growing your business. AD Dream Media believes in establishing a long-lasting relationship with customers.

Client's Love


Not sure which channels to start with. Would you offer help?

We can help you fill in the gaps or even provide you with a whole overhaul to get started. We, at AD Dream Media, realize that you might be short of resources to invest in all channels at once. We will help you strategize a plan for the whole process and will suggest appropriate optimizations monthly.

Can I work with AD Dream Media?

We will help you with your business and enhance your reach wherever you are. Our experience across a wide spectrum of digital marketing platforms implies we have the experience and the knowledge to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

What’s the duration of a Partnership Term?

We have set a partnership term of 3-6 months so that we have appropriate time to plan, work, and produce the desired results. However, we have several clients who have been our partners for years because of our effective approach. Long-term relationships offer more opportunities to succeed and grow together.

What makes AD Dream Media different from other agencies?

We value our commitments to you. We perceive ourselves as a part of your team and strive to work hard for your progress. This is what makes us different, a close connection with our customers.

We Make Digital Beautiful

These are the words we live by in everything we do. Every story we tell, every brand we build, and every interaction we create must not only look beautiful but has to feel and function beautifully, too. Crafted to perfection.

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    We are a marketing agency comprising of some passionate individuals, collectively named AD Dream Media. We help small to medium-sized businesses to enhance their connection with customers.